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Full Name: Anamika
Size: 625 MB
Quaily: HD 720p
Genres: Romance
Release Date: 9 September 2020
Language: Hindi
Cast: Harsh Chhaya, Pooja Kumar, Aditya Seal

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Anamika 2020 The movie revolves around Anamika, a housewife deprived of her husband’s love and attention,

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Anamika 2020 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay Aditya Singh Sisodiya (Dino Morea), a rich industrialist from Rajasthan, comes to Mumbai for a conference and solicitations the administrations of an escort who really will be his secretary for the afternoon. Jia Rao (Minissha Lamba), utilized by the escort administration, makes a hash of her activity, which prompts Vikram to prepare her to be a decent escort. Before the day closes, he proposes marriage and she acknowledges.She moves into his palatial cottage where she is acquainted with the guardian Malini (Koena Mitra) and the care staff who never really allude to the dead Mrs Sisidoya (Anamika). Everything in the chateau has her stamp “An” and Jia is caught, until she marshals enough fearlessness to state that she is Mrs Sisodiya. Both attempt to spare their marriage by covering the phantom of the past and by a bit of destiny, are directed to the assortment of Anamika. After the dead body is uncovered Vikram gets captured as he is blamed for killing Anamika.Then it is uncovered that Malini their overseer was enamored with Vikram and arranged this. She persuaded that Anamika engaged in extramarital relations with her cousin Sanjay. Malini charmed Sanjay and the two of them depicted Anamika as a characterless lady. Vikram, infuriated by Anamika’s “untrustworthiness” has an incensed line with her and she stomps off out of frustration. Malini follows her in another jeep on the affectation of sparing Anamika from the desert storm. She later calls Vikram saying that the jeep Anamika took was stuck in storm and that Anamika was missing. In all actuality, Malini assaulted Anamika and she passed on because of gruff power injury on the head. Malini assaults Jia and uncovers what she made of Anamika and was going to do likewise to her. As Vikram comes to realize he goes to spare Jia who was going to kick the bucket in the fire by Malini. What’s more, Malini consumes herself alive and Vikram and Jia joyfully carry on with their life togetherrelations with them and request favors from them anyway the drifters are steamed now and additional him his life and his horses for his act of kindness towards the youngster. The Magistrate returns to find Officer Mandel (Robert Pattinson) a gofer of Colonel Joll running the stronghold. Official Mandel speedily captures the Magistrate and censures him for inappropriate behavior and throws him into prison.WIKI

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Anamika 2020 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay

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